Most Watched Movies and Shows on Netflix on March 2020

Most Watched Movies and Shows on Netflix on March 2020

Most Watched Movies and Shows on Netflix on March 2020Netflix, one of the most used online content servers in the world, started to offer its most popular content in a different category for its users with a brand new feature. The contents, which are classified separately for TV series and movies, are ranked according to the viewers’ scores and the number / duration of the views and presented to the likes of other users.

As FilmOku.Com, we have developed a feature of Netflix for all our visitors who are looking for movie and TV series suggestions and we have prepared a much cleaner suggestion list for you by informing about the IMDb scores and topics of the presented content.

Most Watched TV Shows in March on Netflix

2-I Am Not Okay With This
3-Altered Carbon
4-Toy Boy
5-Locke & Key

Most Watched Movies in March on Netflix

1- Spenser Confidential: It’s a beautiful 2020 crime movie with its cast, Mark Wahlberg, Winston Duke and Alan Arkin.
Spenser, a former police officer and ex-prisoner, team up with the promising fighter Hawk to solve the murder of two police officers.
2- El Silencio De La Ciudad Blanca: It’s a 2019 movie featuring Belén Rueda, Javier Rey and Aura Garrido. Although it could not bring much sound and was not liked, it is a highly preferred movie by Netflix viewers.
3- The Mask: A movie classic of Jim Carrey and Cameron Diaz, made in 1994 and watched a little from the edge of the coast, is back on the air and is popular again.
4- Mother: Mother is a beautiful Turkish movie starring Sumru Yavrucuk, Özge Gürel and Sercan Badur. The story of a young woman who returns to her village, which she has left behind after a difficult upbringing, and tries to re-establish her bond with her mother, is told in the film.
5- A Cure for Wellness: Having learned that the chairman of the company he works for is in treatment at the health center in a remote corner of Europe and assigned to bring him, Lockhart learns that the facility in the Alps is built for terrible purposes and has to struggle for a great life.

You can reach the next 5 movies and series that follow the list after the first 5 movies and 5 series on Netflix.

Popular TV shows of Netflix in March

6- La Casa De Papel
7- You
8- Lucifer
9- Rise of Empires: Ottoman
10- Love is Blind

Popular movies of Netflix in March

6- Mission: Impossible – Fallout
7- Kayhan
8- Children’s Safety to You
9- Celal and Ceren
10- Recep İvedik 5

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