The Handmaid’s Tale – 2. Season Review

The Handmaid’s Tale – 2. Season Review

The Handmaid’s Tale – 2. Season ReviewThe story of June Osborne, who tries to exist in a system in which one loses his mental health and regain his freedom, continues in the second season.

June, living as a breeder in the hands of radical Christians who set up a perverse order and a new country called Gilead by destroying the entire order with the invasion of America, wants to escape to Canada and get her freedom and her husband ın People who are aware that they should have a chance to escape will help June’s escape plan, but June’s pregnancy will upset the whole plan.

With the advantage of pregnancy and long-term experiences in Gilead, she becomes much cooler and braver. With the secret support of Serena, one of the leaders of the revolution, June; She begins to plan and do much more than a simple breeder can do to initiate radical changes in Gilead.

The elements that replaced the introduction part of the first season of the series and added speed to the story have really added to the taste. The quality and performance of each of the casts led by Elisabeth Moss is amazing.

The Handmaid’s Tale strengthened its position in the 2nd season.

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