The Handmaid’s Tale – 1. Season Review

The Handmaid’s Tale – 1. Season Review

The Handmaid’s Tale – 1. Season ReviewThe story of a woman who tries to exist in a system where people lose their mental health and regain their freedom is told to the audience in The Handmaid’s Tale.

Radical Christians, who believe that the rapidly spreading famine and infertility can be solved only by entering the unconditional yoke of God, especially in the Americas and in the United States, take over the American Senate and take over the administration of the country. This group, which changed America’s name to Gilead, punishes and kills anyone who opposes their order and God’s orders to Christians. Even though they are in shortage, they begin to build their own future by dreaming up a privileged life.

In the system established by the leaders of the group that established the Gilead on the American soil by destroying the current American administration, the commanders had to establish relations with the commanders once a month on the day of their most fertility. Women who do not accept this coercion are forced to submit to torture and oppression in Gilead, where fertility is very limited.

Under the control of the observers, the protector of the new social order and the commanders, women who have been detained and restrained from all slaves are regarded as merely a living organism because they are one of the last hopes of society.

The Handmaid’s Tale – 1. Season Review

In Gilead, where academics, artists, men and women who were unlikely to give birth were sent to the colonies to work to death, June, who lived peacefully and happily with his partner and daughter before all of these events, June was a komut stud ”in the home of one of the leading commanders, Fred Waterford, for psychological and physical violence. is exposed to rape. June seeks a cure for her daughter’s freedom for every opportunity she has. the days of horror filled with rape and disappointments.

A fantastic psychological torture with a stunning, mind-boggling, musical performance with Elisabeth Moss in the lead role, accompanied by Yvonne Strahovski and Joseph Fiennes, and with the music, the drama series The Handmaid’s Tale er Erotic in the hands of many directors and screenwriters there are not too many disturbing lovemaking scenes in the series, which can turn into a piece of work, while the rape scenes only contain enough details to hurt one’s heart.

The fact that everything from the standard clothing colors chosen for the characters to the spaces used in the series corresponds 100% with the spirit of the series is definitely a careful and successful detail.

The Handmaid’s Tale – 1. Season Review

If you’re a fan of the drama series and you’re looking for a series that isn’t finished yet, but there are so many episodes you can watch in one breath, you should watch The Handmaid’s Tale.

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