Sex Education – 1. Season Review

Another excellent series from Netflix kendis own productions is shown in Netflix with episodes of Season 1 of Sex Education.

The series focuses on Otis’ adventures at school with his close friend Eric and Maeve, whom he likes.

Otis, whose parents are sex therapists and who have well-known parents with the books they publish, cannot take the effect of divorce years ago. Despite the expertise of his parents, Otis, who had serious problems with his sexual life during adolescence, cannot tell anyone about his problem. His close friend Eric has to face the problems of being homosexual in his family and at school. Maeve carries the burden of her troubled family, economic problems and rumors.

Otis, who wants to get rid of his losers at school, gives head to head with Maeve, who is experiencing financial problems, and decides to gain popularity and money by guiding Otis’ parents about the sexual problems of all the adolescent students Ot Otis and Maeve Otis continues to live his emotions from the inside out, although Maeve’s interruption with the school’s popular relationship with Jackson began.

Sex-centered young people entertain the audience with their sexuality-oriented troubles, the British accent is a beautiful series of English accent with English ears, ları A clean, traceable series of people who want to see the relationship between young people.

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