Nip / Tuck – Season 6 Review

Nip / Tuck - Season 6 Review

Nip / Tuck - Season 6 ReviewThe sixth and last season of the series, which tells about the experiences of two esthetic surgeons, a family man and an unstoppable flirtatious, who have been very close friends since the university, at the McNamara / Troy Aesthetics Center in Miami and their private lives.

In the midst of middle age and economic crisis, Sean and Christian give the financial and moral account of the glittering life they have been living for years. They lead a very unhappy life with their economic difficulties, their remorse and the new relationship experiences they pay.

The disintegrating families and the big problems experienced by each individual in their families, the lies that have been revealed once again carry the two old friends to the breaking point they have come to.
Nip / Tuck - Season 6-2 ReviewSean, who wants to escape from his nightmares and wants to run away as a volunteer to realize his dreams, leaves Christian and all the lies and perversions he has lived and witnessed for years and leaves the country for new adventures. Christian resumes from where he left off to continue the partnership alone and continue his life, which he enjoyed very much.

A series of Nip / Tuck that deserves to go on television history with all their extreme topics, bold sex scenes, voicing secrets that can be regarded as taboo, acting performances and everything in general.

The characters Sean McNamara and Christian Troy should be recognized and remembered.

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