Nip / Tuck – Season 3 Review

Nip / Tuck - Season 3 Review

Nip / Tuck - Season 3 ReviewThe series tells the story of two esthetic surgeons, a family man and an unstoppable flirtatious, who have been close friends since college and have lived in the McNamara / Troy Aesthetic Center in Miami and their private lives.

Sean McNamara, the company’s successful name, is completely disconnected from his family. Christian Troy, on the other hand, relieves himself of the pain of losing his son Wilber. These great devastations, which change the duo’s lives, also affect their work to a great extent. In particular, Sean even thinks of ending the partnership to make a more meaningful business. While the McNamara / Troy partnership has been going through difficult economic times, the “Engraver“ scourge at the beginning grows.

Each season is better than the previous season, the third season of the series is much better than the second season. 40-minute episodes of the series is not empty even a moment. In each episode, the new side characters that are included in the series are also handled by events that deeply affect people’s lives. The main topics of this season are; Obesity, Homophobia, Sex addiction, Group sex, Necrophilia and Racism.

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Considering the handling of the topics covered and the performances of the players, this is a set you should definitely follow. It is worth mentioning that it is suitable for adults only because of the excess and uncensored sex scenes.

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