Nip / Tuck – Season 2 Review

Nip / Tuck - Season 2 Review

Nip / Tuck - Season 2 ReviewThe series tells the story of two esthetic surgeons, a family man and an unstoppable flirtatious, who have been close friends since college and have lived in the McNamara / Troy Aesthetic Center in Miami and their private lives.

Sean McNamara, the successful name of the partnership, cannot solve her problems with her family and the ropes come to a breaking point. Christian Troy, on the other hand, is shaken by the love of a tiny child between his lively sex life and his relationships, and his outlook on life and relationships changes completely. While the two are struggling with changes that upset their lives, they are involved in a great criminal named “The Carver eden who declares war on them. Engraver, “Beauty is the greatest curse of the world,” he attacked people who want to be beautiful and beautiful, while the treatment of these people voluntarily welcome the fight against the McNamara / Troy partnership … In this war, Sean and Christian can not escape physical attacks.

The second season of the series is more action, more sensational and more daring than the first season. In each episode, new side characters are included in the series and the events that deeply affect people’s lives are discussed. The main topics of this season are; Incest relationships, serial murders, 40-year-old depression, addiction to aesthetic surgery, sexual abuse in the Catholic church, group sex (MMF) and sex change.
Nip / Tuck - Season 2 Review
For those who started to publish in 2003 and want to watch new images in the series will of course be outdated, but in the last 1 year, 2004, you will be able to see the change. It’s also a series of things to watch when you consider the topics covered and the performances of the players. It is worth mentioning that it is suitable for adults only because of the excess and uncensored sex scenes.

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