Masters of Sex

Masters of Sex

Masters of SexMasters of Sex is a wonderful drama series about the experiences of a group of scientists who make scientific research on human sexuality and invent inventions that will revolutionize sexuality.

The array is named after the main character of the array. It’s from William Masters. Michael Masters is played by William Masters, with Lizzy Caplan and Caitlin FitzGerald in his closest roles.

1. Season…
William Masters, a well-known gynecologist than other doctors and doctors in his field, conducts research on human sexuality with the funds he receives from his hospital. Although his subjects were a bloody living person, he had to hide all his work and be tried by learners. The master continues to work. In fact, he proceeds to the next step and observes his subjects by pairing them not as singles but as pairs.

In the first season of the series The strong link between Masters and his secret work is passed on to the audience. There is a bond that reaches to the dimension of passion and even dependency isi On the one hand, the relationship with his wife and colleagues…

To sum up, the first season of the Masters of Sex series, the first of many series, is full of William Masters. The nostalgic texture of the story, which started in the late 1950s, is also quite beautiful.

2. Season…
Researching sexuality in humans and his research turned into a great passion. William Masters (Michael Sheen) encounters events that never occurred to him in the second season of the story. First he loses the funds he finances, and then he loses his job, but thanks to his reputation in the medical world and the determination of his associate, Virginia Johnson (Lizzy Caplan), new doors open to him. In his new adventure, the Doctor Masters decides to develop the field of study and introduce the familiar subjects into the experiment, sharing this idea with Virginia. Virginia, willing to do anything to show herself, of course, accepts William’s offer…

He devotes himself completely to his work and even ignores his wife and newborn son. Masters reap the rewards of his work while also reaping the fruits of his work. His wife, Libby Masters, joins an organization that fights against the racism problem of the time and begins a relationship with a black teenager whom she met during her studies.

The personal lives, histories and problems of the subjects who participated in this season are explained. Dr. The mystery of why William is so immersed in this work is slowly beginning to expand. Little details about his past and his family are shared.

Masters of Sex

3. Season…
With his assistant Virginia Johnson (Lizzy Caplan), he explored sexuality in humans and completed his research in the first two seasons of the series. William Masters (Michael Sheen) decides to gather all the knowledge and experience he has collected in a book. When he completes and prepares the book for publication, he encounters financial problems, and when he publishes, he encounters reactions from some parts of society. The result of his many years of work to put his name on history and to open a new page for human beings, Dr. Masters does not accept defeat. He overcomes the problems one by one with the anger and power of the problems he has experienced in his childhood and as a last step he wants to insert his book into the medical faculties of universities and to have his research read as a course. All the initiatives and the financial difficulty that he took at every step he took. Makes Masters lose losses he never planned.

Her problems with her work, her relationship with Virginia, her unmarried marriage to her wife, and her lack of communication with her children. He puts Masters back in the way he thinks he’s survived. When the problems that have been dusted by the years come to light again. Masters has reached an irreversible point artık

Well brewed; The taste, smell and color of the tea have a perfect taste like a tea in place. The depth of the script, the operation of this script and the harmony of the actors with the characters in the story are legendary.

Masters of Sex

Final Season… (Masters of Sex4)
Two scientists investigating the issue of sexuality in humans. The fourth and final season of the series, which tells the story of William Masters and his assistant Virginia Johnson, was aired on Showtime in 2016.

Masters and Johnson, who determine the situation that is caused by all kinds of sexual dysfunction, deviance, physical and mental problems and affect the sexual life and re-restore couples’ sexual life with the techniques they developed; they come to the point of breaking with the interplay of work and love relationships, but they can neither come to terms with their years of work nor their feelings that they cannot pass and leave each other behind.

William, who continues his research on the subject of sexual life in people with whom they have started researching and who have no idea how deeply they are at the beginning, follows and solves the sexual problems of married couples, solves and intervenes with the world, shares their experiences with the world and finally realizes that their rights are used by others. Masters and Virginia Johnson reunite despite their hearts and frustrations to keep up with their work.

Virginia’s emotional tremors, the problems that William has had in her marriage for years, and the feelings the duo cannot confess to each other are finally voiced during this season of the show, and the series ends with a happy ending.

Starting in the 1950s with the first season and reaching the 1970s by the fourth season, the series perfectly reflects the atmosphere of its time in every moment. The series deserves the summit among the productions on sexual life in humans. Sexual frigidity between spouses; dreams and fantasies hiding from each other spouses, such as secrets waiting to be confessed to bring a lot of taboo and boldly bring to the screen, the subject contains a large amount of sex scenes. For this reason, I do not think that you can easily watch it in environments where there are children and parents at home. However, it is observed that newly married couples watch together; a wonderful series of couples who have problems in their sexual life are watching to gain courage for treatment.

We need to add to your list of arrays that need to be tracked; 4 seasons I recommend you to watch absolutely and absolutely and finally a series of 46 episodes…

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