Elite – 2. Season Review

One of Netflix’s own productions, the subject of Elite’s second season, Elite, which is perhaps the most out of place with its rich characters, intrigues and bold lovemaking scenes, was released with 8 episodes and was watched in a very short time as many fans did.

After the murder of Marina, the main character of the first season and killed in the season finale, her brother and her friends live on the psychology and the work on illuminating the murder. The second season takes another character we love – Christian.

Nano, who is accused of committing the murder in the murder of Marina, waits for his sentence in prison, while his brother Samuel, who had an affair with Marina for the first season, starts to work hard to prove his brother’s innocence. on the other hand, he starts to lose his way with doubts in his head. Carla, who is the name behind everything and killed Marina and Polo, continues her dirty plans to conceal all this and get away with it.

Nadia, the Palestinian daughter of the series, the expansion of the season continues to increase in the 2nd season. The new character Cayetana adds great color to the series.

Unlike the 1st season of the series, our main characters, who spend time in parties rather than school, put the shining light of their luxurious lives into the eyes of the audience… Again, unlike the 1st season, almost all scenes about sexuality are exaggerated and never ending sex.

Especially in the last season, Elite 2nd season, which gave great surprises, is again very beautiful in cultural and sociological terms. It is really worth watching with its content, player performances, courage and subject.

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