Elite – 1. Season Review

Elite, another excellent series from Netflix’s own productions, debuted at Netflix with season 1.

Just like La Casa De Papel, the series, which belongs to Spanish producers, has been heavily criticized for economic-based discrimination and income imbalance in the society.

The collapse of a school building in a low-income high school results in injuries to many students… The contractor, responsible for the collapse of the building, places three of the casualties in a private school where the richest families of the country read and receive scholarships. And the story of the series begins with the gathering of these three low-income young people and a rich school of high school…

Muslim and hijabed Nadia, with the dream of becoming rich short-lived Christian and her brother’s imprisonment forced to shoulder the burden of his family, wealthy but natural and day-to-day life against the weakness of the secrets of the life of Marina, which is tightly connected to the adoptive family, and then connected to the power Guzman who does not want harm, Lu, ambitious and able to translate kinds of intrigue, Carla, whose mother is one of the biggest business people in the country, Polo, who witnessed her mother’s marriage to another rich woman after losing her father, and Ander, the only secret gay student of the school who gave up her life to realize her dreams. Nano is involved in the clash between the student community as Samuel’s older brother and Marina succumbs to his weaknesses.

The economic and cultural gap between students leads to growing fights. In the meantime, Christian takes a big mission to revive the love life of Carla and Polo and realize the duo’s cuckold-threesome fantasies. Christian’s advancing rapprochement with Polo’s girlfriend Carla provoked a heavy reaction from Guzman, while the intrigue that Lu, who was the only Muslim and intelligent student of the school, targeted Nadia, led her to lose her lover Guzman.
On the other hand, ano poor loving ”Marina gets involved in the relationship with Samuel, where Nano gets involved, and the two brothers start to have great feelings for the same girl, unaware of each other. prepares a great revenge plan…

I really wonder how the story of two groups of young people from different cultures could be better told when they moved together with the community they belong to, even though they had great emotions in their bilateral relationships. It is really a great job to masterfully convey this through to the audience.

It is a really beautiful series in terms of cultural and sociological terms and television. It is really worth watching with its content, player performances, courage and subject matter… That’s why I strongly recommend you watch.

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