Dark – 2. Season Review

Dark – 2. Season Review

Dark – 2. Season ReviewNetflix’s series Dark, which was founded on the subject of time travel, attracted great attention with its mysteries and confusion to the audience, continues to maintain its mystery in its second season just like the 1st season.

Time travels in the focus of young people in the town of Winden events, the second season with the spiral of the 2019-1986-1953 spread out over a wider time span increases the impact and confusion experienced.

In the second season, the fact that none of the mysterious events are illuminated hurts the interesting side of the series while focusing on the thesis that “What happened olm and“ The lived future cannot be affected by changing the past ”.

The second season, which has become more complex and has more puzzles to solve, is a few steps behind the 1st season, a few clicks worse. Player performances and production quality seem to have increased.

Dark – 2. Season Review
In summary, it was a continuation of the first season, so it was a season to watch. Jumping to the 3rd season, which has not yet been published from 1 season, does not cause loss in terms of the integrity of the series, but saves you from 8 episodes of the 2nd season.

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