Dark – 1. Season Review

Dark – 1. Season Review

Dark – 1. Season ReviewThe first season was released in 2017, and one of Netflix’s most notable productions, Dark is a great series with a 10-episode debut.

The story begins with the suicide and the suicide letter left by Michael Kahnwald in the series of the Kahnwald, Nielsen, Doppler and Tiedemann families. Reading Michael’s suicide letter and deciding to investigate the cause of the suicide, Jonas falls into a great mystery that many people have known for years but cannot tell anyone.

The time shift and possible time travel caused by abnormalities caused by nuclear power plant construction in Winden town in 1953 and fluctuations in the power plant years later; Between 2019 – 1986 and 1953, it makes it possible to navigate and to hide the abducted children. Although the reason for the kidnapping of children continues to be kept as a big secret in the story, it should be noted that this is not the only secret that keeps the curiosity alive for the audience.

It is absolutely amazing to watch the culture of the 50s, 80s and 2000s, the changes in the members of the same families and the developments in time during the transitions between 33 years of time intervals.

Mystery, drama and sci-fi elements are high; The performances of Oliver Masucci and Louis Hofmann, the sex scenes of Maja Schöne (Hanneh) and Gina Stiebitz (Franziska), and the characters played by Andreas Pietschmann and Mark Waschke, but they do not fully explain the concepts of space-time but reveal the secrets. A literally brain-burning set of stores.

Dark – 1. Season Review
The series, about the extraordinary events in a small town called Winden in Baden-Württemberg, Germany, has a good average of 8.7 points received by the audience at the IMDb. it hasn’t run away and since the series was released, it has created a huge fan base…

It is a must-see series for those who love science fiction and mysterious stories and who want to experience confusion.

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