Baby – 1. Season Review

Baby – 1. Season Review

Baby – 1. Season ReviewOne of Netflix’s series for young people is Baby…

Due to the fact that it is an Italian series, Baby, which stands out in terms of difference, is quite remarkable with its subject. But let’s warn those who haven’t seen it yet, these are the only features that make the series stand out. And that’s the whole series. Unfortunately, both the spoken Italian language and the way the subject progresses prevent the index from exceeding the average. Summary of the subject iki Two young girls from the affluent parts of Rome are bored by their parents and schoolmates, who are caught in the underground world of the city and begin to live double life. Arasında There is a huge gap between what the audience promises and the series presented.

From the beginning of the first season to the end of the 6-part dark and boring enough to suffer.

Describes the transition period of two adolescent girls and the life exceeding their height. The series offers both the name and the visuals as well as the subject summary. It is hard to say that Benedetta Porcaroli and Alice Pagani have performed their first acting performances in the real sense.

To sum up, Netflix is ​​a hollow series of Baby’s that they market with visuals and the promise of sex.

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