After Life – 1. Season Review

After Life – 1. Season Review

After Life – 1. Season ReviewTony, who works for a local newspaper in England and has a simple life, loses all of his happiness and devotion to life with the death of his beloved wife.

Having lived a simple and happy life until the death of his wife, Tony was able to clearly reflect his depression and hatred towards his life from the moment he was alone; begins to take revenge on his own life. Known and loved by everyone in his small city, Tony cannot accept the injustice of his wife Lisa’s death.

The only support for Tony, who turns his back on life and those around him and chooses to be an unhappy man, is his lost wife. Realizing how right she is and how much she loves her, she decides to change, but in the course of time, she decides to change. this makes their return quite difficult.

One of Netflix’s most acclaimed drama series, starring Golden Globe Award winner Ricky Gervais; A series of beautiful After Life motiv which is a source of motivation for people who have lost their first season of 6 episodes was released in 2019, the second season of the series is expected to be released in 2020.

If you’re looking for a series that lets you think, make you laugh and sad, it’s a series that needs to be clearly monitored with the messages it gives. I advise.

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