Top 5 Films to Watch in 2019 | First List!

Most Watched Movies in First 6 Months of 2019

Most Watched Movies in First 6 Months of 2019Top 5 Films to Watch in 2019!

Every year from 1800s to 2019, the cinema sector created unique films for the history of cinema. Our eyes, of course, witnessed unique films in 2019 as well.

In this article, we are starting the countdown for the top 5 films of 2019 so far. In this list, we’ll take a look at the best films released in the first half of 2019.

5 - Apollo 11 (2019)5 – Apollo 11 (2019)
You know it’s hard to make a film to take the audience back in time. That was exactly when director Todd Douglas Miller projected NASA’s mission in 1969 onto the big screen. Difficult and beautiful Apollo We watched the breathtaking Apollo 11, a fascinating exploration film of a man who set foot on the moon. 50 years later, many stories were told about the film with a lot of hidden details. Director Miller’s team has unearthed and restored spectacularly a new perspective on this historic landmark.
You have to watch.

4 - The Souvenir (2019)4 – The Souvenir (2019)
The simple approach of this British drama may be a taste for some. For some, it’s boring… Nevertheless, when we look at the various layers of the film, you will find yourself in the story of a return to the future. In front of her mother Tilda Swinton, Honor Swinton performs with the character of Julie, a performance that deserves applause. Julie, a young student, has a romantic bond with the mysterious Anthony, played by Tom Burke. Although Anthony may seem charming, he has recently become an addict and a liar. But Julie has repeatedly made excuses for Anthony’s behavior and lies to herself.
I recommend this film, which tells the story of a woman who surrenders to her emotions.

8 - High Life (2019)

8 - High Life (2019)3 – High Life (2019)
Robert Pattinson has certainly come a long way since the Twilight series. Pattinson plays Monte, a criminal sentenced to death on a spaceship stuck at the mercy of Doctor Dibs, whom Juliette Binoche gave life to, seducing prisoners while performing a versatile performance in High Life. High Life has been greatly influenced by blockbuster science fiction such as Interstellar and Solaris. It is a psychological and erotic thriller that will shudder you in the depths of dark space sebebiyle It is suitable for adults because of the brave scenes of the actors, I suggest you not to miss it.

2 - Shazam (2019)2 – Shazam (2019)
Although not as big a budget and name as Wonder Woman or Aquaman, Shazam gives cinema lovers exactly what they want from the DC universe. With Shazam, unnecessary bravery seems to have disappeared… The film was quite entertaining, colorful and humor, but it is a Marvel imitation. The character of Shazam has much in common with Superman. The success of the film is quite high. You have to follow Zachary Levi, who successfully portrays a child trapped in a superman.
I guarantee you will have fun. You must follow.

1 - Rocketman (2019)1 – Rocketman (2019)
One of the most exciting musical biographies of the last 10 years with Bohemian Rhapsody is Rocketman. Rami Malek won the best actor Oscar for his Freddie Mercury performance, while Taron Egerton’s successful portrayal of Elton John suggests that the Oscar award could once again be awarded to a legendary actor. Egerton plays the charismatic British musician and takes the audience on a tremendous journey through the musician’s life. The film also explores John’s neglected childhood, his rise to superstar, drug addiction and excellent song choices.
A quality movie. And be sure, you’il be full of music.

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