Film Suggestions from Turkish Youtuber

Film Suggestions from Turkish Youtuber

Film Suggestions from Turkish YoutuberNowadays, it is very difficult to find a film suggestion, and watching films that have been suggested and suggested by some authoritarian sites and people can be a priority. A good movie that does not think of the importance that pulled what year we have prepared this list of movies for you by creating a collection of suggestions on Youtube Turkey’s private in one of the most exclusive names in Barış Ozcan’s Youtube page.

It should be noted that even though the film list of Barış Özcan is listed according to the release date of the films, we have tried to sort the films according to the audience points in IMDb and make them cleaner and more watchable.

FilmOku.Com presents Film Suggestions from Turkish Youtuber…

1- A Simple Favor
It’s a movie that doesn’t make much noise, but it’s fun to watch. The story of a housewife who seems to be sıradan ordinary çalışan trying to find her friend who suddenly disappeared ““ Like ”because she is not ordinary. There is a Youtube channel. I think there is a fashion in 2018 that the characters are the Youtube channel. They brought together mystery and dark comedy and supported it with French music. A Simple Favor can be watched even though not many favorites.

2- Solo: A Star Wars Story
Since 2018 is the only Star Wars movie of the year, it is a film that he has to watch and like. It is a film that can be watched with children for those who have a totally subjective and childlike passion for the Star Wars universe. Although this world created by George Lucas had to change after being sold to Disney, it contains answers to some questions in the minds of those who wonder about the story of Han Solo and of course his comrade Chewbacca. Meanwhile, with a budget of 275 million dollars, the most expensive Star Wars movie ever made.

3- Annihilation
Destruction is the most confusing film of 2018. Annihilation, another film by Alex Garland, director of the film Ex-Machine, is not as popular as the Ex Machine. The director has made such a science fiction that this time pushes the limits of experimentation. The story of the people who go to a mysterious area quarantined by the government is told in the film.

4- Leave No Trace
Among the films watched this year, critics exaggerated the most. It’s a movie that can’t fit into the sky. Leave No Trace, which is one of two films that get 100% approval from thinning sites like Rotten Tomatoes, is definitely not that much. The story of a father and daughter trying to live in the woods without a trace iz Acting performances are really natural and successful. Empathy, being a part of a community and a sense of belonging are actually very much addressed in social issues, but by looking at the arak ratings iniz, you have to keep your expectations high. Or if you have a quota for the drama type, do not choose this film.

5- Black Panther
One of the most spectacular productions of the Marvel cinematic universe is, of course, a very impressive film in terms of action and visual effects. But Barış Özcan likes this film in terms of the symbols it contains. While moving a black superhero to the spotlights, a number of themes such as history, colonialism and the impact of technology on civilization blink to the audience right after them. One of the most impressive scenes for Barış Özcan is the entrance to Wacanda. This scene does not only express a fantasy for black people. Indeed, the exploitation of African countries might have turned into such a developed civilization.

6- The Ballad of Buster Scruggs
It’s a film directed by the Coen brothers. It is not an individual story, but an anthology. Although there is no direct connection between them, they all have a common theme. Death. It’s a bit depressed and funny, as in almost all the Coen brothers.

7- Eight Grade
Best independent film of 2018. The director of this film is a Youtuber. His name is Bo Burnham. She’s telling us the story of a junior high school girl. The film conveys all the peculiarities, emotional dilemmas of an adolescent personality and the situations that can be experienced if it is closed. Both comedy and drama…

8- Ready Player One
A nice movie where you can sit and watch as a family. Once directed by Steven Spielberg, this film was of course needed to watch when it comes to virtual reality, video games. The film tells the adventure of Wade, who spends his time in an oasis universe to escape the troubles of the real world. It is a quality production not only with its visuality, special effects or the director’s advanced cinema language, but also with its content. A warning from a future based on virtual reality.

9- Upgrade
Another film that sets off from the developments in the field of technology in the near future. Initially, our character, who does not want to surrender to the new order, is convinced to wear a special “chip ca when he is killed and paralyzed by an attack on his wife. So he is upgrading himself by installing a ip chip.. When we install such a chip, our superhuman talents use their talents to get revenge, and the violence dose is very high. But remember, it’s a violent film.

9- A Quiet Place
The best thriller to be seen in 2018 is film A film written and directed by John Krasinski, known for his comedy series The Office, and starring Emily Blunt… Imagine a world of creatures that attack you when you hear the slightest sound. What would it be like to live in a place like this? .. Children who have to speak to their parents in sign language have to live in this restrictive life without making a small voice… The sound design in this film, or rather the silence design, is really interesting. On the other hand, it is worth watching for those who are not worried about being tensed with its story and deep characters.

10- The Wild Pear Tree
The best Turkish film to be seen in 2018 is Ahlat Ağacı. Directed by Nuri Bilge Ceylan, the film was nominated for the Golden Palm at Cannes and was applauded for several minutes, but unfortunately did not win this time. I recommend that you patiently watch this 3-hour long drama to the end. A young man who is fond of literature needs money to print his book Ahlat Tree, but it is not possible because he is unemployed. He returns to his hometown to find his way out. He has conflicts with his family, especially with his father. Ahlat Tree is a film that speaks not only with its story or its characters, but also with its audience. Moreover, the kind you will not forget easily after watching.

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