10 Bad Movies with High Scores on IMDb

10 Bad Movies with High Scores on IMDb

10 Bad Movies with High Scores on IMDbThis film list consists of films which are rated as mediocre by the critics but rated by the audience in the IMDb.

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Here’s 10 Bad Movies with High Scores on IMDb!






10 - Suicide Squad10 – Suicide Squad
For many audiences, Suicide Squad: True Evil was a story that had to be adapted to the cinema. Famous faces for comic roles, plenty of action, unhealthy jokes and lots of fun. And the bad characters of the film were simply disappointing.

For fans of the comic book, this film was a shadow of the story’s potential.

Contrary to what the viewers think, the film is actually a disaster.





9 - Sweet November9 – Sweet November
The reality of death makes people do crazy things… The romantic drama of 2001, starring Charlize Theron and Keanu Reeves, has a discontinued charm.
In the film poster, you might think that Reeves’ character Nelson is an ordinary romance because of the way he holds Theron’s character Sara.

Critics put this film at the bottom of the film, which has a cancerous character who has been with different men for a month to improve their extreme loveliness and emotional problems.






8 - Van Wilder

8 - Van Wilder8 – Van Wilder
The disgusting sexual comedy, which has been produced and imposed on the audience, could have been on the list, but there are two reasons why the University of Freaks is on the list.

The first is the gap between critics and audience reviews, and the second is the film’s cast.

Ryan Reynolds portrays a university student who chose to graduate from the campus life at Kackiklar University, which received 6.4 points on IMDb.

A simple adolescent film with a disgusting and even vomiting reflex humor.




7 - Warcraft7 – Warcraft
The biggest proof of the video game curse is this film vard It had a solid budget, talented and proven director, an existing audience and a strong staff. But he still couldn’t break the curse.

Although it had good results at the international box office, the film did not impress the critics. The filmmaker studied Warcraft mythology in depth, but everything seemed awkward, even amateurish.

Although successful as a game, the film was as bad.





A Dog's Purpose6 – A Dog’s Purpose
The film, which was found to be extremely charming and emotional by critics, was considered manipulative.

For the audience, however, the heart-warming story of a man and his best friend was an invincible force to confront all kinds of evil.

Although critics have given 3.4 points, this dog reincarnation story has received 7.1 points on the IMDb.






5 - The Punisher5 – The Punisher
If you take a man’s family away from him, you will release his wrath to the whole world… This is a lesson on multiple films on our list. If this 2004 film did one thing right, it was that he recruited Thomas Jane as an executioner. To be honest, in all aspects it is wrong and the errors outweigh 6.5 points on IMDb.

The film, blown up by its fan base at the IMDb, can tell you that it tumbled down the cliff at the box office.






4 - Chasing Mavericks4 – Chasing Mavericks
Frankly, I haven’t seen or heard of this movie before I started investigating. But of course I was interested in Gerard Butler’s lead role. The film inde In the Pursuit of the Waves mış received only 3.2 points by critics and managed to score 7.2 pounds on the IMDb.

While critics find mistakes in the script and think the film isn’t impressive, IMDb users think they’re witnessing a virtuous story.

Maybe you need to be a surfer in order to better understand the story of a surfer’s story? ..





3 - August Rush3 – August Rush
You can love this movie if you have cute and beautiful stories about the power of music in your mind. Freddie Highmore is certainly doing a good job as August Rush, an orphan who lives with music and dreams of finding her family. With the cast completed by Robin Williams, Jonathan Rhys Meyers and Terrence Howard, the film is in good hands. But unfortunately, this talented cast deserves a better film.

It has 7.5 points in IMDb, but critics find it worth 3.7 points.






2 - The Longest Ride
Nothing can divide critics and film lovers into as much as Nicholas Sparks movies. To be honest, Bir A Life with You az is less manipulative than Sparks’ other adaptations.

Although it owes Scott Eastwood and Britt Robertson, who received the 7.7 on the IMDb to a great extent, the fact that he tells a love story devoted to generations with the presence of veteran actor Alan Alda should not be overlooked. It gives three points.






1 - Law Abiding Citizen1 – Law Abiding Citizen
In the action-thriller, he encounters Clyde Shelton and Jamie Foxx’s lawyer Nick Rice, where Gerard Butler is brought to life everywhere.

It’s absurd that Shelton’s focus on the execution of the law on convicts behind bars. Although the audience gave the film 7.4, the critics’ score was 2.6.

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